Benifits of water soluble fertilizer

- Jan 17, 2020-

The characteristics of water soluble fertilizers are:
(1) Targeted
The water-soluble fertilizer can determine the type of fertilizer according to the soil nutrient abundance, the soil fertilizer level and the demand for nutrients of the crop, timely supplement the nutrients lacked by the crop, and reduce or eliminate the symptoms of crop deficiency.


 (2) Fast absorption
Because it is directly applied to the foliage or root of the crop, various nutrients can directly enter the plant, directly involved in the metabolism of the crop and the synthesis of organic matter, and its speed and effect are faster than the effect of soil fertilization. 


 (3) Good effect
The dry matter formed as a yield mainly comes from the photosynthesis product. After the foliar fertilization of the crop, the leaves absorb a large amount of nutrients, promote various physiological processes of the crop body, significantly increase the photosynthesis intensity, and effectively promote the accumulation of crop organic matter. Increase fruit set rate and seed setting rate, increase yield and improve quality.
 (4) Usage province
Can be used as foliar spray. Foliar spray is not directly contacted with the soil due to spraying on the leaf surface, avoiding the fixation, failure or leaching loss of nutrients in the soil. Foliar spray is usually used in a very small amount, the concentration is very low, and after nutrient absorption, it is directly transported to the most vigorous part of the crop growth, and the nutrient utilization rate is high.