Application of corn steep liquor and corn steep liquor powder

- Jul 31, 2020-


Corn steep liquor is a by-product of starch production. Corn starch is soaked in 0.1-0.2% sulfite water at a temperature of 45-50 ℃. During the soaking process, the nutrients in the corn permeate into the water. With the rich nutrients, many microorganisms grow and reproduce. The number of microorganisms per milliliter can reach several billion. Microorganisms are equally used in corn soaking industry It can hydrolyze protein into polypeptides and amino acids, reduce blood sugar, differentiate and ferment to produce a lot of lactic acid. The content of lactic acid is as high as 5-15%, so the pH value of corn steep liquor is very low. Because corn steep contains a lot of acidic nutrients, it is often used as physiological acidic nutrients because it can significantly reduce the pH value in the medium or fermentation broth.

Corn steep liquor powder is made from corn steep liquor by low temperature and instant heating spray drying. The water-soluble protein is well preserved and widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries such as monosodium glutamate, enzyme preparations, amino acids, antibiotics, etc.

Corn steep liquor powder  is brown to light yellow. It has the unique smell of this product, without fermentation, mildew and other peculiar smell. It can be dissolved completely and quickly. It can be used as a nutrient supplement such as water-soluble vegetable protein and water-soluble vitamins in the process of biological fermentation.

Corn steep liquor powder  can be used to add dry feed and various compound feed to increase the nutrient content in feed and improve the appearance, flavor and palatability of feed.