Yellow Corn Powder Soil Conditioner

The nutrients in corn steep liquor can optimize the plant's use of nutrients, thereby better promoting crop growth and improving soil fertility.

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● Description:

When extracting starch from corn, various products are produced. One of these products is a liquid thick slurry-corn soaking solution (CSL)-in which the corn kernels have been fermented and is called "leaching". The soluble portion of corn kernels is present in CSL. It is completely water soluble and very easy to digest. Due to the mild temperature treatment, the nutrients inside are not damaged. The mainstream is used in the fertilizer additive industry, which places high demands on product quality. In short, our CSL is non-GMO corn from reliable sources and stable quality, rich in free amino acids, protein, organic matter and other nutrients.












Lactic acid



Total amino



● Features:

The nutrients in the corn steep liquor can optimize the plant's use of nutrients, thereby better promoting crop growth and improving soil fertility. Some long-term effects include:

1. Improve the physical structure of the soil

By improving the overall physical characteristics of the soil and increasing the organic content of the soil, it is possible to prevent physical compaction of the soil, improve soil aeration and prevent leaching.

2. Improve the biological characteristics of the soil

Thereby decomposing organic matter, thereby improving soil productivity.

3. Enhance synergy with chemical fertilizers

Not only does it release nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a way that plants can easily absorb, but it also has a very positive interaction with inorganic fertilizers. This interaction allows better and more nutrient utilization.


● Application method

Can be used with any application or foliar irrigation system, drip irrigation, sprinklers. and many more.

● Packing and Storage: 

1. 25KG/1000KG BAG or as per your requirements.

2. Seal and put in a dry and ventilated place.



● Why are we the best in our field?

We take pride in quality and dedication to provide customers with 100% pure organic products.

We have warehouses in multiple ports, so we can provide a large number of products easily and conveniently within the prescribed time.

We attach great importance to company relations and always keep in touch with customers to understand their market needs and at the same time enable them to regularly understand market trends and prices.

We look forward to cooperating with long-term business associations, therefore, we believe in listening patiently to customers' opinions. We attach great importance to customer needs or problems, and resolve these problems as soon as possible to obtain complete satisfaction.

We emphasize maintaining clear communication with our customers so as not to be indifferent in the future, and look forward to establishing healthy customer relationships based on ethics and integrity.

We have an experienced, skilled and dedicated professional team, we are committed to providing the highest level of service, and absolutely the best in the work we do. Therefore, our customers can always rely on us without relying on us.


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