Water Soluble Corn Steep Liquor Powder With Non-Additive

Water Soluble Corn Steep Liquor Powder With Non-Additive

Our Advantage: We are a factory, not a trader. We Have Professional  Technical  Team. Our Product:Non-Additive and Non-GMO. Delivery On Time.

Product Details

● Description:

Our corn steep liquor powder is made from Green, no pollution corn , without any additive . Steam low temperature spray drying was used to make the product without coking phenomenon, and keep nutrients intact.

● Specification:

Lactic acid%≥14.8
Total amino%≥35

● Using:

Corn steep liquor powder can be used in the production of organic fertilizer.CSL powder contains many kinds of organic materials,can:

1)Improve photosynthesis intensity

2)Improve soil cultivation and water retention capacity

3)Improve soil fertility

4)Reduce environmental pollution

5)Improve product quality

6)Conducive to high yield and stable yield of crops

So it is always used in production of organic fertilizer as the supplement.


● Packaging & Shipping:

Using Three layers packaging. Outer bag is coated woven bag. There are two layers of plastic bags inside. It does not absorb moisture during storage and does not produce clumps.


● Our advantage:

1) We are a Manufacturer, not a trader.


2) We Have Professional Technical Team.


3) The quality of our products: the product is exquisite, without any additives, the water dissolves fast, the nutrient elements are high, and non-GMO . You can see our product pictures, all of which are real shots, without any modification.


4) 24-hour customer service online timely reply.


● Contact Information:


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