Water-soluble Corn Extract Powder For Organic Fertilizer

Water-soluble Corn Extract Powder For Organic Fertilizer

Rich in high protein, amino acids and nutrients》
It can enlarge roots and provide nutrients for plant growth

Product Details

● Description:

Corn extract powder(Corn Steep Liquor Powder) is extracted from the fresh corn, which is rich of protein. The protein of it is above 43% . It also includes a varity of necessary amino acids and nutritional elements. It is able to expand obviously the quantity of roots, improve the quality of aged roots, and bring more nutrition for crops.


● Specification:

Items Unit Specification
Moisture % ≤8.5
Protein % ≥43
Ash % 15.5-20
Lactic acid % ≥14.8
Total amino % ≥35.0
PH ph 3.5-5.0

● Application:

As a complementary and fermentation of organic fertilizer, corn extract powder can provide the nutrients necessary to the crop growth elements and beneficial elements, at the same time, improve the soil resistance, so crops have good soil ecological environment.Most importantly, it can also increase crop production and improve the quality of agricultural products.


● Packaging & Delivery:


Our biggest advantage:

1. We are a factory, not a trader.

2. Our factory manager: Mr. Zhao, has more than 20 years of senior work experience in the corn deep processing industry, and has unique insights into the production of the product.

3.The quality of our products: the product is exquisite, without any additives, the water dissolves fast, the nutrient elements are high, and the most important thing is non-GMO. You can see our product pictures, all of which are real shots, without any modification.

4.Our equipment: Although not the most advanced, our production has been at the highest level in the industry and never violated the contract date. You can visit our factory to view.

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