Plant General Fertilizer-Corn Steep Powder

Plant General Fertilizer-Corn Steep Powder

With its flexible and diverse application methods, corn steep powder contains a variety of large quantities and trace elements, and has passed the organic certification, as a fairly complete plant general fertilizer, has been more and more widely used

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● Description:

Corn Steep Powder (CSP) is a fine yellow to tan water-soluble powder made by spray drying Corn steep liquor. CSL is a concentrated liquid extracted from water and used in the initial stages of the corn wet milling process. Tan to brown liquid is thicker than water and has a pH (3.5-5.0). CSL contains nitrogen in the form of amino acids and peptides, macro and micro nutrients, and vitamins. Therefore, it is particularly suitable as an ingredient in a microbial growth medium, or it can be mixed with gluten to make animal feed supplements. It has been proved that it can be used as fertilizer for food production, for the production of microbial products, and has certain industrial applications (such as petroleum).


● Specification:













Lactic acid



Total amino






● Application of corn steep powder:

Corn steep liquor and more recently developed corn steep powder(CSP) are ideal alternatives to other organic fertilizers such as surimi, chicken manure, soybean meal or feather meal. Unlike most organic fertilizers, CSL or CSP nitrogen is easily obtained from plants and does not depend on the digestion and release of microorganisms.

As a fertilizer additive, it should be more and more widely used, and it may affect the organic plant growth market in the future. After drying the liquid into a soluble powder, it is an easily transportable fertilizer that is as effective as urea and ammonium sulfate. It has major advantages over synthetic nitrogen because it is less likely to cause harm, and nitrogen is present in ready-to-use amino acids and peptides. It has advantages over other organic fertilizers, such as chicken manure, which requires microbial activity to convert nitrogen into plant-useable forms. It is a fairly complete plant general fertilizer. Like all other common fertilizers, specific macro or micro nutrients may need to be supplemented to meet the specific needs of the crop. The product can be formulated as a dry, water-soluble powder or granule. Therefore, the application methods are flexible and diverse.

Finally, this is one of the few products that can satisfy consumers' preferences for sustainability, food safety and organic food.

Corn steep powder should be applied as part of an overall nutrition management plan and based on soil and plant analysis of a given crop.


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