New Fertilizer Additive-corn Steep Liquor Powder

Corn steep liquor powder is rich in npk, often not only can it not cause soil pollution, but also can regulate the soil and improve the sustainable production capacity of the soil.

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● Description:

At the end of the production process, the color of the corn steep liquor powder used in production is mostly brown or light yellow. The color difference is mainly caused by the production process, including the drying time, drying temperature, drying method, drying process and many other factors.The drying time is short, the temperature is low, the color of the corn steep liquor powder produced is light, whereas the color is dark.The excessive color of corn steep liquor powder is due to the coking and carbonization of the protein or free amino acid in the drying process.The large molecule peptide, small molecule peptide vitamin and organic growth factor in corn steep liquor are destroyed in a long time under high temperature, reducing the color of corn steep liquor powder is too light because it has not been fully dried, the high water content in corn steep liquor powder is easy to form a hard lump, affecting the normal use of the product.


● Specification:

1.Physical characteristics:

Free flowing product(no stick);no clumps;fine yellow color.

2.Chemical indexes:













Lactic acid



Total amino



● Why corn steep liquor powder can be used as a fertilizer additive:

In addition to the three basic elements, such as n, p, k, etc., corn steep liquor powder also contains calcium, iron, magnesium and other elements.Regular application not only does not cause soil pollution, but also decomposes pesticide residues and nitrates, improves soil environment, purifies and restores soil, enriches soil fertility, and improves soil sustainable productivity.

Suitable for vegetables, fruits, row crops, all crops, etc.Please contact us for specific application time and dosage, we will give you our Suggestions.


● Packaging & Shipping:

Standard packing is 25kg / bag and 1000kg / bags, usually we should also be made to customer requirements 5 or 10 or other specifications of packaging.



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