Natural Fertilizer Corn Steep Liquor Powder Water Soluble Fertilizer

Natural Fertilizer Corn Steep Liquor Powder Water Soluble Fertilizer

Corn steep liquor powder recipe: taken from fresh corn, using steam low-temperature drying technology to maintain the original nutrients and thus applied to organic farming.

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Corn steep liquor powderrecipe: is made from high quality fresh corn steep.

Before using it,it will bethrough the removal of impurities, washing, and then

remove the insoluble impurities.Steam low temperature spray drying was used

to make the product without coking phenomenon,and keep the active principle

not to be destroyed.

Therefore, corn steep liquor powder is widely used in organic farming as an organic fertilizer.





CSL powder is widely used in organic fertilizers because it is rich in many trace elements

and amino acids.Organic fertilizer advantages:the major benefit of organic fertilizers is that

they work slowly.They need to be broken down by soil organisms in order for their nutrients to

be released and that takes time.Because they work slowly, nothing is wasted. They are consumed

as they are released, unlike chemical fertilizers,which are released immediately into the soil.

Organic fertilizers carry some other perks. Because they contain organic material, they improve the

soil’s structureor its “workability.”Soil that’s been fertilized with organic matter is easier to work and

allows more air to get to plant roots.The organic material also permits soil to hold water longer.

Finally, the addition of organic substances used in fertilizerincreases the bacterial and fungal activity

in the soil. Overall,organic fertilizernot only helps your plants,it improves your soil.

In addition, organic fertilizer water soluble is very high and easy to use.





Q1: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we areaManufacturer.

Q2: Can the products be customized?

A: We can produce the products according to your detailed requirements.

Q3: What's the MOQ of the products?

A: we always suggest you the economic quantities for you to save your budgets.

Q4:What is the use of the product?

A:The product is used not only as afertilizerbut also infeed, food, bio-fermentationandmedicine.

Q5:What is the packaging specification of the product?

A:Usually 20kg/bag 25kg/bag 1000kg/bag

Q6:Is the product index the same for different purposes?

A:Nature is different, we produce different indicators according to different product uses.

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