Organic Products Dry Corn Steep Liquor For Organic Fertilizer

The moisture content is small.
Easy to transport, store and use.
Not easy to deteriorate, the use is convenient.

Product Details

●Product features:

The intrinsic quality of corn syrup dry powder is basically the same as that of corn syrup, but the moisture content is small. Because the product is a powder or a block solid, it is easy to transport, store and use, the product is not easy to deteriorate, the use is convenient, and the yield and quality of the produced product are stable. Because corn syrup is packaged in liquid vats, it is inconvenient to transport, store and use, and because of the high content of protein and trace elements, it is easy to ferment and deteriorate when the temperature is slightly high, which affects the use effect.

The disadvantage is that due to the use of low-temperature spray drying technology, the production cost (mainly energy consumption) is relatively high. It is difficult for manufacturers who are convenient to purchase corn syrup, and is suitable for manufacturers who are far away from the corn syrup dry powder production area.


● Specification:

1.Physical characteristics:

Free flowing product(no stick);no clumps;fine yellow color.

2.Chemical indexes:

Physical characteristics NA Yellow color powder

Items Unit Specification
Moisture % ≤8.5
Protein % ≥43
Ash % 15.5-20
Lactic acid % ≥14.8
Total amino % ≥35.0
PH ph 3.5-5.0


Dry corn steep liquor contains amino acids and inorganic salts and vitamins, so they have been used as additives for organic fertilizers.

Natural and organic fertilizer differs from chemicals in that they feed your plants while building the soil. Soils with lots of organic material remain loose and airy, hold more moisture and nutrients, foster growth of soil organisms, and promote healthier plant root development.

If only chemicals are added the soil gradually loses its organic matter and microbiotic activity. As this material is used up, the soil structure deteriorates, becoming compact, lifeless and less able to hold water and nutrients. This results in increased amounts needed to feed plants.


● Packaging & Shipping:

1.Using Three layers packaging. Outer bag is coated woven bag. There are two layers of plastic bags inside. No moisture absorption and no clumps occurs during storage.


2.25kg pp bag or kraft bag .

3.500kg or 1000kg three layers pp bag.

4. Shipment within7-10days after payment.


● FAQ:

Q1: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are a factory .

Q2:Can the products be customized?

A: We can produce the products according to your detailed requirements.

Q3: What's the MOQ of the products?

A: we always suggest you the economic quantities for you to save your budgets.

Q4:What is the use of the product?

A:The product is used not only as a fertilizer but also in feed, food, bio-fermentation and medicine.

Q5:What is the packaging specification of the product?

A:Usually 20kg/bag 25kg/bag 1000kg/bag

Q6:Is the product index the same for different purposes?

A:Nature is different, we produce different indicators according to different product uses

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