Corn Steep Liquor

Fertilizer use and feed use of corn steep liquor.
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● Description:

Corn steep liquor is a by-product of corn starch processing. The free protein and free fat contained in corn as well as part of the glycerophospholipids are extracted during the extraction process. Evaporate and concentrate to form corn steep liquor.

In order to facilitate transportation and storage, the powder is dried by low-temperature drying,that is:corn steep liquor powder.There will be no change in its composition.

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● Specification:










Lactic acid



Total amino



● Application:

Fertilizer use:

(1)CSL may be used as a fertilizer additive to liquid fertilizer or growth promoters of seaweed based or fish based type to improve their quality.

(2)CSL can be used as a stand alone fertilizer or growth promoters, because it contains natural nitrogen as well as a potassium and phosphorus,significantly improve plant quality and growth characteristics.

(3)CSL is water-soluble and can be mixed with other raw materials or fertilizers or growth promoters (especially fish or seaweed) to play a chelating role.

(4)CSL does not contain any toxicity and can be used as a fertilizer for soil conditioners.

Feed use:

(1)Corn steep liquor is used as a nutrient for microorganisms in the production of enzymes, antibiotics and other fermentation products. It is usually combined with other ingredients in corn gluten feed and widely used in complete feeds for dairy and beef cattle, poultry, swine and pet foods. It may also be sold separately as a liquid protein source for beef or dairy rations.

(2)FDA listed corn steep liquor as a component of a color additive allowed in chick feed.(This CSL is used to enhance the yellow color of chicken skin and eggs).

(3)CSL should not cause any environmental contamination .

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● FAQ:

Q1: Can the corn steep liquor powder mixed with other products? 

  A: Yes! How ever, we have not been able to test all combinations of possible mix partners and recommend a small jar compatibility test using product in proportion to field use rates before wide scale use if you are not sure.

Q2: Can CSL powder be run through irrigation? 

  A: Corn steep liquor powder is virtually 100% water soluble at a stand alone product check for physical compatibility tests with other products before wide scale use. 

Q3: What is application rate for CSL powder? 

  A: 2 lbs. To 20 lbs. Per acre when plants are actively growing or as needed according to your nutrient management program based on soil and tissue analysis. 

Q4: Are there any GMO products used in making CSL powder? 

  A: No.

Q5: how much of a shelf life does CSL powder have?

  A: At least 2 years for unopened bags. Re-seal after each use and should be store in ventilated dry place. 

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