Corn Steep Liquor Powder-NPK Fertilizer With OMRI

Products produced by the Juci plant: corn steep liquor powder, after testing, it contains 7% -15% and other contents of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and passed the organic certification in 2018.

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Products produced by the Juci plant: corn steep liquor powder, after testing, it contains 7% -15% and other contents of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and passed the organic certification in 2018.


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Lactic acid



Total amino



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The effect of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on plants is self-evident. The Juci factory will introduce in detail the effect of NPK in corn steep liquor powder on plants:
1. Nitrogen
Nitrogen is the main component of protein, which plays an important role in the growth of stems and leaves and the development of fruits. It is the nutrient element most closely related to yield. Before the first ear of fruit swelled rapidly, the plant's absorption of nitrogen gradually increased. Nitrogen is a component of synthetic chlorophyll. Both chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b contain nitrogen compounds. Chlorophyll is a plant that makes carbohydrates. Nitrogen can synthesize proteins and promote cell division and growth.
2. Phosphorus
Phosphate fertilizer can promote tomato flower bud differentiation, early flowering and fruiting, promote seedling root growth and improve fruit quality. When phosphorus is deficient, young shoots and roots grow slowly, the plants are short, the leaves are dark green, dull, and the back is purple.
Phosphorus application can promote the normal progress of various metabolisms, the plants grow well, and at the same time improve the cold resistance and drought resistance of the plants. Because phosphorus is related to the metabolism of sugars, proteins and fats and the mutual transformation of the three, no matter whether cultivated food crops, legume crops and oil crops require phosphate fertilizer.
3. Potassium
Potassium can promote the robustness of the plant stems, improve the quality of the fruit, enhance the cold resistance of the plant, increase the sugar and vitamin C content of the fruit. As with nitrogen and phosphorus, potassium deficiency symptoms first appear in old leaves.
When potassium supply is insufficient, carbohydrate metabolism is disturbed, photosynthesis is inhibited, and respiration is enhanced. Therefore, when potassium is deficient, the plant's resistance to stress is weakened, it is susceptible to disease, the quality of the fruit is reduced, and the coloring is poor. The demand for potassium fertilizer for melons, fruits, tomatoes, etc. is mainly in the period of rapid fruit enlargement.


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Goal:to be the leader of Corn -by products 

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● FAQ:

1.Q:Are you trader or manufacturer?
 A:We have been fertilizer producer for 12 years and start international business since 2012.
 2.Q:what is your lead time?
 A:It depends on the quantity of the order,usually 20 work days after received payment.
 3.Q:How about your production capacity?
 A:we have four production lines with 2,0000 tons per year .
4.Q:Can you print private logo and what’s the MOQ?
 A:OEM service is available and MOQ is one 20ft container.
5.Q:Can we get sample for test?
 A:Yes,but you to need pay for it and the express fee,when you place an order,the sample charge will be refunded.
6.Q:what is your payment terms?
 A:Usually 30% in advance,70% against copy of shippment.
7.Q:How do you guarantee your product quality?
 A:Each batch of our product must be tested before delivery .
8.Q:Can we get technical support?
 A:Yes,any technical support and training can be provided.

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