Corn Steep Liquor Powder For Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Corn Steep Liquor Powder For Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Comprehensive nutritional content
Fast absorption and high utilization rate
Replace topdressing and save investment
The effect of increasing production is obvious
Enhance crop stress resistance
Non-toxic, harmless, no pollution to the environment, no soiling

Product Details

● Product Feature:

1. Evident fertilizer efficiency

It is 100% water soluble, plant can absorb and use it entirely. As Boron enters into the plant, it forms sugar boron complexes with sugar which is produced by photosynthesis, the complexes can promote fruit developing, reduce fruit dropping, prevent physiological diseases caused by boron element deficiency.

2. Significantly improve fertilizer efficiency

Promote cellulose synthesis together with calcium element, stabilize cell wall structure, so that increase yield and improve quality.



1.Physical characteristics:

Free flowing product(no stick);no clumps;fine yellow color.

2.Chemical indexes:

Lactic acid%≥14.8
Total amino%≥35.0

● Effect:

1. Comprehensive nutritional content.
CSL powder is rich in essential elements, trace elements and other organic nutrients required for plant growth. Can be applied alone or mixed with other fertilizers without any chemical reaction.
2. Fast absorption and high utilization rate.
Various nutrients in CSL powder exist in a form that can be directly absorbed and utilized by plants without transformation. Can absorb more than 95% within 24 hours after spraying.
3. The effect of increasing production is obvious.
Nitrogen in CSL powder can promote root growth, increase chlorophyll content, improve photosynthesis efficiency, prolong leaf functional period, and increase dry matter accumulation.
4. Non-toxic, harmless, no pollution to the environment, no pollution.
CSL powder contains about 50% of water, and soluble proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, organic acids (such as lactic acid), vitamins and minerals are easily metabolized and utilized by microorganisms.
Widely used in rice, cotton, melons, vegetables, tea, tobacco, medicinal materials, flowers, forests and other economic crops throughout the growth period, can be irrigated, drip irrigation and foliar spraying.
5. Organic.
The biggest advantage of CSL powder is organic. Our products have passed the organic certification of OMRI.

Main features:

1. Do not add any hormones, pure green liquid fertilizer, will not cause damage due to the use of hormones, such as cracked fruit, stiff fruit, odd-shaped spikelets, empty shells, mites, premature aging;

2. No smell of nose and smell, uniform color of water, low temperature crystallized into old loofah;

3. Dilute for more than 3 days, the solution does not fade, does not flocculate ;

4. Applying at 2-10 °C in winter, it will be effective overnight, and it will be effective for a long time.

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