Best Corn Steep Liquor Power-organic Fertilizer

Best Corn Steep Liquor Power-organic Fertilizer

We are a best corn steep liquor manufacturer.Make an organic fertilizer,you can use it as fertilizer additive.The corn steep liquor price is very beautiful.

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The best corn steep liquor is made from fresh organic non-GMO corn and is steamed by low temperature drying technology. The biggest advantage of the product is that while keeping a variety of nutrients unchanged, the corn steep liquor price is relatively low, which is the first choice for organic fertilizer additives.




Unit Specification
Physical characteristics NA Yellow corn powder
Moisture % ≤8.5
Protein % ≧43
Ash % 15.5-20
Lactic Acid % ≧14.8
PH NA 3.5-5.0
Total Amino % ≥32


Corn steep liquor(powder) can be used as an organic fertilizer additive. Make an organic fertilizer, you can add appropriate amount of dry powder to increase fertilizer efficiency, and have better repair and conditioning effects on soil compaction caused by long-term use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and increase of pathogens; improve soil aggregate structure, loose soil, activate soil, and benefit root system. Develop nutrients, increase yield, improve root microbial environment, prevent disease infestation, enhance crop disease resistance, increase fertilizer utilization, and reduce fertilizer input.



Our Advantage:

We are organic fertilizer suppliers, not traders.

We have our own production workshops and equipment.

Daily product inspection.

Our products have low moisture and are not easy to agglomerate.




Packaging & Shipping:

1.Using Three layers packaging. Outer bag is coated woven bag. There are two layers of plastic bags inside. No moisture absorption and no clumps occurs during storage.

2.25 pp bag or kraft bag .

3.500kg or 1000kg three layers pp bag.

4. Shipment within7-10days after payment.



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