Biological Fermentation Corn Steep Liquor Powder

Improve soil, no pollution to the environment, no toxic and side effects,
is the preferred additive for the production of "green food"

Product Details

● Description :

CSL powder contains a variety of organic matter and trace elements. It can be used as a bio-fermented fertilizer for production, enhance soil fertility, assist plants to absorb nutrients, enhance plant resistance to disease and drought, save energy, reduce production costs and reduce environmental pollution.


● Specification:

Items Unit Specification
Physical characteristics NA Yellow color powder
Moisture % ≤8.5
Protein % ≥43
Ash % 15.5-20
Lactic Acid % ≥14.8
PH NA 3.5-5.0
Total Amino % ≥32

● Application:

Corn steep liquor powder, as a supplement to microbial fermented fertilizers, can promote soil formation, increase soil fertility, reduce fertilizer use, and improve crop quality.

Soil is the basis of crop growth and is weathered by rocks. After a long period of physical and chemical factors, the rock turns into rock powder and then forms "soil." After having organic matter and microorganisms in the soil, through the activities of microorganisms, the soil slowly becomes "soil", allowing crops to grow and providing rich mineral elements. In the process of forming soil with biological activity, microorganisms play the role of the main force. Without the action of microorganisms, it is impossible to form soil for crop growth.

Biofermented fertilizers can increase the source of nitrogen in the soil. It can dissolve the insoluble phosphorus and potassium in the soil and convert it into phosphorus and potassium ions that can be absorbed and utilized by crops, so that the nutrients in the living environment of the crop are sufficient.

It can also induce plant peroxidase, polyphenol oxidase and phenylglycine ammonia lyase to participate in plant defense reaction, which is beneficial to plant disease prevention and disease resistance.

Promote root growth, increase water absorption, and have the benefit of improving the drought resistance of plants.


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