Pre-emergent Herbicide-corn Gluten Meal 60% Protein

In other words, corn gluten meal requires water after application, but in order to inhibit the root growth of germinated weed seeds, a dry period is required.

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● Description:

Corn gluten meal is a powdered by-product in the corn milling process. Corn gluten meal was originally used as a supplement to pig feed, and is now often used as an organic substitute for chemical herbicides. It can be used as a herbicide before germination to control horsetail grass and other lawn weeds, and has nutritional properties. The nitrogen content of corn gluten meal is about 10% by weight, which means that 100 pounds of corn gluten meal contains 10 pounds of nitrogen. This organic nitrogen source will be slowly released in three to four months.


● Specification:

Test itemsUnitsSpecification
Solubility/100% soluble
Color&Appearance/Light Yellow Powder
/Not Detected
Salmonella/Not Detected

● Application:

Corn gluten meal is only used as a herbicide before germination. If verbena and other weed seeds have germinated and rooted, the corn protein applied later will only be used as a fertilizer for weeds. In addition, corn gluten meal application requires precise timing before and after rain or watering. After application, corn gluten meal needs to be irrigated by rainfall or artificial watering within five days after application. About 1/4 inch of rain or similar artificial watering is ideal. After that, it needs to be dried for one to two days to prevent the weed seedlings that have sprouted from growing into roots.

In other words, corn gluten meal requires water after application, but in order to inhibit the root growth of germinated weed seeds, a dry period is required.


● Package and Shipment:

20-foot container can hold 20 tons of cargo.


● About us:

Zouping Juci Corn Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Our products have passed ISO9001, SGS and other international certifications.

Our company can provide container and bulk carrier transportation.

We cooperate with internationally renowned shipping companies to ensure the safe and faster transportation of goods.

The factory adopts the best production technology, professional management and standardized production mode, and can continuously provide high-quality products.

Our company has set up a large warehouse to provide customers with sufficient supplies.

At Juci, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service, competitive prices, fast delivery, and a comprehensive, advanced product offering. 

Our ultimate goal is to satisfy you.


● FAQ:

1.Trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are 12 years' manufacturer and have our own trading department.

2. Customized product?

A: We an offer OEM service, but the quantity is required.

3. Samples?

A: We can offer free samples, but customer afford the freight cost. Normally sample needs 3-5 days to prepare.

4. Quality control?

A: By our own quality supervision department. We also can do SGS or any other third-party testing per customer request.

5. Leading time?

A: 7 - 15 days, according to ordering quantity.

6. Loading port?

A: Qingdao ports. We have warehouses in multiple ports in China to meet customer needs and deliver goods the fastest.

7. Payment term?

A: T/T ,L/C

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