Natural Weed Control Product-corn Gluten Meal 60% Protein

Not only is corn gluten meal a good fertilizer, but it acts as a pre-emergent weed control option.

Product Details

● Production process of corn gluten meal:

The process of processing corn for oils or cornstarch results in this useful byproduct. Harvested corn will be taken to a mill. At the mill, the corn will be cleaned and then steeped to soften the kernels.

Once the kernels have become soft, a coarse grinding stage happens.  Unlike the meal for pressing oil, meal for extracting cornstarch requires further grinding. It’s then screened to remove bran, which is sent to the feed prep area.

The finely-ground meal is made into a slurry with water. It’s repeatedly washed and cycled through centrifuges to extract the starches. Once the cornstarch has been extracted, the water is removed and the meal dried into corn gluten meal.


● Specification:

Test itemsUnitsSpecification
Solubility/100% soluble
Color&Appearance/Light Yellow Powder
/Not Detected
Salmonella/Not Detected

● Natural Weed Control:

A natural source of protein found in the endosperm of the corn kernel, corn gluten is a good nitrogen source. It averages at 60% protein for the wet-milled gluten. Other processing forms can render a 20% protein version which isn’t as effective.

A 60% protein variation will result in a slow nitrogen release of 10%. As the corn gluten meal breaks down, it enriches the soil and adds organic matter.

Not only is corn gluten meal a good fertilizer, but it acts as a pre-emergent weed control option.

While it’s used to good effect in lawn care, it can take  a bit to have the desired effect. The 60% protein  is more efficient than the lower protein choices.Because it’s pre-emergent only, it may need to be applied at many times of year. Fall and spring are best, to try to control both winter and spring weeds, but you may want to apply it monthly. It will work for 4-6 weeks before breaking down.


● Package and Shipment:

20-foot container can hold 20 tons of cargo.


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