Plant Source Compound Amino Acid Powder For Fertilizer

Plant Source Compound Amino Acid Powder For Fertilizer

1.Field Crops and Vegetables:1-2kg/ha at period of rapid growth or nutrition stress,2times at least through growing seasons.2.Tree Crops:1-3kg/ha at active growth period.2-4 weeks intervals through growing seasons.3.Grapes and Berries:1-2kg/ha at active growth period,1 week intervals at least through vegetative growth period.4.Turf:3-6kg/ha at active growth period.5.Ornamental Tress,Shrubs,and Flowing Plants:Dilute at rate of 25kgs in 1 or more stress of water and spray to complete coverage.

Product Details

• Product Description:

Our compound Amino Acid Powder is pure organic,plant source fertilizer,The main raw material is soybean meal or corn.It contains high amino acid,and organic nitrogen and in-organic nitrogen.This product can be used as a Foliar Fertilizer,Drop irrigation,Flood irrigation.It is 100% water soluble.Our Amino Acid Powder don′t contain Chloride.So it is very safe for all plants.

• Specification:

AppearanceLight Yellow Powder
Solubility100% Soluble
Amino Acid%35-80
Total Nitrogen%15-20

• Product Function and Benefits:

1. Regulate the synthesis of plants hormones and enhance the physiological activity.

2. Low-molecular weight organic nutrients, decrease the bio-energy consumption of plants

3. Promote the absorption and transportation of nutritional elements in soil by roots of plant, adjust and enhance the utilization efficiency of elements.

4. Photosynthesis. Promote the synthesis of chlorophyll and photosynthetic electron transport, relieve the midday depression of photosynthesis on plants, increase the photosynthetic rate and accumulation of photosynthetic products.

5. Plant Growth Acceleration. Significantly accelerate seedling growth, increase plants yield.

6. Flower and Fruit Protection. Increase pollen germination rate and the length of pollen tube, decrease fruit and blossom drop, increase the fruit yield.

7. mprovements in fruit quality. Promote the synthesis of anthocyanin in fruits epidermis and accumulation of sugar content, improve the External and Internal Quality of fruits.

8. Postpone senescence. Enhance the root activity of plants, postpone plant senescence, improve the storability of agricultural products to extend shelf life.

9. Enhance resistance and stress tolerance. Increase the thickness and strength of cell wall, induce Plant Cell Signal Transduction and activity of antioxidative enzymes, strengthen the plant stress resistance.

• Usage and Dosage:


● Our Factory:






● FAQ:

Q:Are you a Manufacturer or Traderer?

A:We are a Manufacturer.

Q:What is the product made of?

A:Our Amino Acid is made of animal feather or soybean.

Q:What is the solubility of the product?

A:Water solubility is complete.


A:5kg,10kg,20kg,25kg PP/PE/KRAFT BAG

Q:Can you supply samples for testing?

A: Less than 500g sample is free,customer charged for freight cost.

Q:Lead time?

A:3-4 days after payment.

Q:What is the loading port?
A:Usually is Qingdao.

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